Bovinosvirtual was created to meet the needs of the market and the problems faced by agricultural producers in Latin America.

With more than 10 years training Cattlemen, Doctors and People in the Cattle Industry in more than 10 countries both virtually and in person, we have the sensibility to teach the reproductive techniques that are key to have efficient and profitable cattle.

Cows are our passion and currently we have trained thousands of people in Artificial Insemination courses, rectal palpation, ultrasound, semen evaluation and evaluation of the bull’s reproductive capacity, follicular aspiration, nutrition and embryo transfer, among other bovine reproductive technologies.

We have the knowledge, equipment and experience in education, technology and market trends in the livestock sector to help you.

Quality of Our Materials

To date, we have trained thousands of people in cattle reproduction and nutrition. Our goal is for you to learn how to apply the most important techniques to your cows, adapting the latest scientific discoveries to your own cattle to make them more productive and profitable.

via intramuscular en bovinos, abscesos hepaticos en bovinos

We elaborate training programs oriented to generate basic-intermediate knowledge of cattle production management.
These courses are aimed at Researchers, Teachers, Consultants, Veterinarians, Technicians, Students and Farmers who own farms where cattle production is applied, both for milk and beef cattle.
We have developed these courses to be carried out 100% online or with practical classroom courses, for which we have prepared a set of meaningful learning strategies aimed at achieving mastery of the program.

In addition to the learning obtained during the virtual course and the classroom course we give you permanent advice through Whatsapp so you can always have the support of our experts and never stop learning.

Small group practice with live cattle

All our classroom courses are conducted in the field, with live cows. We are interested in offering you personalized advice, so we always have courses with limited capacity, which guarantees us to be able to follow up, one by one with all the students.
We offer you permanent advice as graduate, whenever you have a doubt about the technique we taught you, you can contact us to help. The courses we can offer you:

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